Terms & Conditions

Good terms and conditions are important both for a webshop as for a customer. Here you can read our Term and conditions. It is not just the goverment that creates rules to ensure the safety of your purchase, also we from ProPixeler like to inform you of our terms and conditions. By accepting our Terms and Conditions ProPixeler, we enter into a contract between us and you as a customer. We ask you kindly that before you agree with these terms and conditions, you read them carefully and take notice of our way of working. This can prevent unfortunate situations! Of course you can contact us, if you have questions about these terms and conditions.\r\n\r\n


Article 1 - ProPixeler


ProPixeler is registered at the Chamber of Commerce. At te bottom of the page you can see our KvK and tax number. There is also our contact data.


Our webshop has an SSL-certificate to protect the communication. We strive to continously improve the protection of your data.


We will never share your data with third parties for commercial purposes. More details are available in our  Privacy policy.


We are required to ask permission for the use of cookies. This is also described in our Privacy policy.


Abuse, misuse or fraud will be reported to the police.


We strive to provide you with excelent service at all times. We are happy to answer all your questions when you have doubts about a purchase of a product.


Article 2 - cooling-off period


After a purchase you have a 14 day cooling-off period. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product to us. You will only have to pay the shipping costs for returning the product. If you already paid, we will refund your money within 14 days after receiving the product in good condition.


Downloadable products are not eligible for refund within 14 days. Products like sequences or music files. We cannot refund your money or undo the purchase if the download link has been used.

Article 3 - The Agreement


The Agreement between ProPixeler and the customer is final when the customer has indicated to agree with the Terms and Conditions and he or she has made a payment using Ideal or Paypal. After a cooling off period of 14 days and after the payment has been received by ProPixeler, the customer has become the owner of the product in question.


The agreement has been made electronically, by means of filling in the required fields and by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.


U, as a customer, are required to fullfill your payment obligation to ProPixeler. If you do not pay within the stated period, you will receive a reminder. If you still do not pay within 14 days, additional costs are charged to you. If you still did not pay the total sum after several reminders, we will make use of a collection agency.


After you made a purchase, you will receive a written confirmation by e-mail of your purchase. This e-mail will state the product you purchased, what it will cost you and how you can contact us in case of complaints or remarks.


We will deliver the product within 30 days. If by unforseen circomstances the product cannot be delivered, we will inform you by e-mail. If you did not receive the product after 30 days you will get your money back.


The delivery of products to other countries then the Netherlands can take a bit longer. The additional costs for a delivery to another country will be charged to you, and will be made visible when you make a purchase.


Article 4 - The price


The prices on our website are always including tax. The shippings costs will be visible when you add the product to your shopping cart.


The price that is mentioned on the website cannot change during your purchase. You pay the amount that is visible next to the product and this is confirmed to you, when you agree electronically with the purchase. There the total amount is mentioned again.


When you by a product oustide an action period, you cannot qualify for the discount afterwards.


Article 5 - Warrenty


Complaints about the product itself, need to be submitted in writing to us. They cannot be answered in person. Please describe your complaint as specific as possible.


Complaints are normally handled within 14 days and can only be settled in writing.


Every product we deliver is covered by a warranty. How long this warrenty is valid depends on the product. On most of the products the warranty is one year. In case it is different this will be mentioned in the written confirmation that you receive with your product, and on the invoice that you receive by e-mail. On downloadable products, like sequences and music files, we can only offer a very limited warranty. If you find a defect or a malfuncion with one of our products, we ask that you report this to us within 48 hours after delivery.


When the product malfunctions or becomes defect within the warrenty period, we will reemburs the complete purchase amount. This does not hold in case of malice or deliberate damage. We also kindly request that you contact your insurance company, if the damage occurs after the warranty period. It could be that this damage is covered by your insurance. In either case, we cannot reemburs your money without a receipt.

If you agree to these Terms and conditions we kindly request that you check the checkbox. Without checking this box no agreement can be reached.

Of course we hope that you enjoy your purchase! Don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.