• ProPixeler Controller PPC4

The PPC4, self-developed by ProPixeler, is a pixel controller specifically designed for controlling LED pixel lighting systems. The PPC4 enables its users to create impressive light shows and visuals.

The PPC4 is equipped with one input port, allowing it to receive light data through the DDP protocol.

With a total capacity of 4000 pixels, the PPC4 offers ample possibilities for controlling props of various sizes. The pixel capacity can be divided among four output ports, enabling flexible configurations.

Each output port of the PPC4 has a maximum limit of 1000 pixels. This allows users to effectively distribute the pixel capacity of 2666 pixels across the available ports. This is particularly useful when distributing props across different sections or parts of your installation.

The PPC4 can be configured using a freely downloadable tool that allows for setting up all the ports.

In summary, the PPC4 is a powerful pixel controller that meets the needs of beginners without requiring a large investment in one of the more expensive controllers. It also doesn't limit you from expanding to multiple controllers in the future. For example, for larger displays where the props are widely spaced apart, multiple controllers can be distributed over a large area through a network connection. This saves on cables to the props.

PPC4 manual and PPC-configurator


  • 1 input port
  • DDP protocol
  • 4000 pixels without DHCP. 2666 pixels with DHCP enabled.
  • 4 output ports
  • 1000 ws2811 pixels limit per output port

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ProPixeler Controller PPC4

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